March 25, 2010

- We Are The World 25 for Haiti -

me, suka dengar lagu ni. Yang old version and this is new 1. Actually very sad kan.

Hari tu tgk video clip ni with Ashaff. Try to explain to him...what this song is all about. Its not just a song but...its a story for them to understand.

Let him know that we have to help people who need it. Let him know that a lot of poor people who have no toys to play. No foods to eat. Here...u suka2 je buang food or be too picky. U can go here and there....without worry were the money come from. Don't be self fish. May be this song is dedicated to Haiti. But look underneath it. We have to work together to explain and grow love in our kids life. This is how i teach my kids. Not only on paper. But what we see and go through each day.

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