March 26, 2010

.: Weekend food

Last weekend we all just stay at home. Lepaq2 and makan2...huhuhu Having this simple and delicious on the weekend. Its chicken with baby spinach with mash potato. Sangat yummy and kenyang....hihihi Ashaff said...very delicious food!! wink...wink... Aahhh...end up dia habis kan semua chicken by himself..... :-)
Ingredient : Chicken - cut and bash a bit Egg - beaten Flour
Method :- flour, salt & pepper put the chicken into the flour then to the egg...then fry it. until golden Put a side For mash potato - Potato milk salt & pepper nut meg
method :- boil the potato (with skin) with salt. Strain the water and put back in the pot. Mash it. pour milk. Salt and paper. p/s : Kuantiti of milk is ikut suka. If u nak agak lembik than pour more.
Baby Spinach garlic & onion butter cream olive oil
method :- heat the oil into the pan and a bit of butter. throw in the garlic and onion. put the spinach and some salt and pepper. Turn of the stove And serve it. p/s : if u using olive oil for cook. Jangan tunggu sampai betul2 panas. Coz itu akan buat nutrition dia hilang.

Dinner lak having this Spicy Pasta with Prawn. Ambik...nama food .....tu dia.... Dah kite yang masak sendiri lah bagi nama. Ikut suka...hahaha Malam tu terasa nak makan yang sedikit spicy and kenyang. But not too kenyang!! And tambah sedikit "malas". So, jadi lah pasta ni. Tapi end up..pasta ni sangat spicy..and masing2 tambah 2 mangkuk....kuang..kuang..kuang. Dah kata melayu..mesti lah makan pedas2. Ingredient :- Pasta - penne Prawn chili mesin onion garlic Baby bak choy Egg - beaten sage salt pepper Nut meg Italian Spice Method :- Boil the pasta with some salt. Strain it In the pan heat the oil. Put the prawn...cook until its change color. Take it out and put aside. And pour the onion than garlic and the chili, fry it until 'garing' spice and the nut meg, sage and...stir. Now pour in the pasta and baby bak choy. Untill ' sebati' lastly put the beaten egg. turn off the stove. And serve. p/s : if u boils pasta...put some salt only. Don't put the oil. Nothing will happen actually. Coz oil and water memang tak leh mix. So, no point. The tips is...u boils the pasta...bile dah a few minit baru buat the sauce. Coz pasta basically, take around 9 to 12 min to cook. So, bile ur pasta done..and still hot at the same time ur sauce pun baru nak 'menggelegak'. or u can just tutup api sekejap. its ok. And guna sedikit air pasta itu untuk masukkan ke dalam sauce. Tip: if u cook yang include onion..make sure u put the onion first...then the garlic. if tak u akan burn the garlic...coz garlic cepat masak dari onion. That is my food during weekend. This coming weekend tak tau lagi nak masak ape... tunggu ye.......daaaa Nak share pasta fact :- Here are some nutrition facts on pasta that will help you further enjoy this great tasting dish. Pasta is an excellent source of fiber and complex carbohydrates. The carbohydrates give our bodies vitamins, minerals and energy. When you eat pasta, the carbohydrates are in the form of digestible starch, which is slowly absorbed by the body. This is a long process and results in you having a feeling of satisfaction after eating. People like athletes who are looking for energy for a long period of time should make pasta an integral part of their diet.

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