January 29, 2010

At Ikano...

Last saturday gi Ikano..biasalah kan...weekend je mesti keluar. Ade je bende nak buat. Memang ramai that day..coz semua org pun dok shopping tuk Chinese New Year. So ade org main Drum. Bukan drum yang biasa tu...but Chinese Drum. Best sangat,dengan dia org nye movement lagi...cuma lion je tak de...belum lagi kot. Itu kena tunggu Chine New Year. Ramai lah yang tengok...n aku pun dok lah ambik a few shots. Ashaff dok tutup telinga..n Aiden nangis....hahaha. Takut..coz bunyi dia kuat sangat. But tak pe....we are 1 Malaysia..so kena dengar n tengok others culture right.

History of Chinese Drums

Drums are called the mother of all the Musical Instruments. The character for “drum” was first found in the inscriptions on bones and tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty (BC 1562 - 1066). The oldest drum found in China was made about 4000 years ago. They were found near the Yellow River at a place called Taosi. It is made of clay. The crocodile leather was covered on the ceramic frame. Then tree trunk was used.

The first brazen drum was made in Shan dynasty (1700-1027 B.C.) At that time more than half of all musical instruments were percussion instruments. In the history, various kinds of drums have been made with different materials and many types, including the leather drums, water drums, waist drums, hand drums, stone drums, bamboo drums, elephant-leg drums (a drum on a pedestal shaped like an elephant leg) and wooden drums, etc.

In China, red drums have always been a symbol of the power of the ruler and the destiny of the army. Drums were brought out whenever there were ceremonies or festivities, weddings, funerals, all ceremonial occasions and even wars.

Now the drum is still using by Chinese people as music instrument both in the theater and the outdoor celebrations. It takes a special role in the Chinese Culture. Now some people use the Chinese drums as table and stools in some houses. They can be painted in different color as well. It provide a warm atmosphere for the houses, witch is like both by the interior designers and owners.

source from : Chinese Antique Furniture Factory Y&T Beijing

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