August 4, 2010

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.....actually its getting late, but fell like writing something. Using digi boardband...which is im not sure its working...hehehe. whatever lah kan....yang penting lepas...
that is not what i want to share. Just finished watching this 1 movie..dalam era2 around 70's kot. Yang seluar ketat giller and yang guna hair spray sng bnyk, and make up yang tebal2. heheh Title "Hysterical Blindness". starring Uma Thurman...with some other actor. At first citer lama..mesti boring kan. But setelah ok je. While the boys...snoring already...and the hubby bz working. And me the headache won't go away...ish....kepala sedikit "weng"...but still nak jugak tengok itu citer.
that movie...just keep me thinking. Its about Love and relationship. U can't rush in finding LOVE. U can't force somebody to love or like u. Don't be so desperate. Its me ...with this crazy thinking. errmmm. Some to put so much hope. Ya..i agree..that kite mesti ade faith in what we do. That i really understand. But in LOVE...u can't force kan. If..u like them...than u like lah..if tak just back off. I know its easy for me to write...and bukan i yang lalui nye. Some wise man said..." If u love him/her...let them go." Not that i said..don't fight for it. Fight lah...but agak2 lah kan. If orang dah tak nak..yang sibuk kacau buat pe.... errmmmm
Love can easily come to u..if u really open ur heart. Love is all around u...and sometime u didn't notice je. For some..may be its slow skit nak datang...but just trust yourself. real je kan i cakap. hehehe. Based on experience ok.
Why i suddenly talk about this. Its just a movie. Ya..lah. But tak semua buat movie crap kan. So bile tengok tu...just opened ur eyes skit. Don't see what u want to see. Like that song..yang keep bugging me. "What u want to hear from me..." that the lirik yang make me wonder. errkkk..
some like to ask question yang they not supposed to ask. They like to be "them" all the time. Tak kira lah him/her. sama je. Bukan tak paham...but saje buat tak tahu. And yang lagi teruk...fake!!. arrgh.... That is gone case...seriously...what lah i menceceh ni. Sure tomorrow when i read..i tepuk dahi ... :-) Just my point of view....what i thinking and will do if i in that situation. Life is not easy...ade je yang mendatang..while kite sedar atau tidak. same with relationship. Its up and down. But its really something if u can can share with ur love one. Love is very demanding...ya demand to be in love and understanding. Demand to share the burden. demand to be together in sick and happy Demand to be a lover, friend..and sometime enemy. As i always say to myself..for awhile stop being a women..and hear them. Its not easy...but...u will know what i mean... :-) ok lah..have to stop now. before i menceceh lagi panjang. Just like to share this with someone. ok...daaa xoxo

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