July 15, 2010

:: Meiji Chocolate Dip ::

snack time....hehehe nak share...we baru je discover ini chocolate. Product from Japan. Brand Meiji.
Ni beli kat Cold Storage. Dippy nama nya. Ade cookies coated with chocolate..pastu ade 2 dip..1 is chocolate..another 1 is vanilla. Sangat sedap compare yg lain2 pernah rasa.
Ashaff lah yang choose. Dia kan ade kuasa membeli yang besar. hehehe He have his own choice of food every time beli barang. So ok lah. Let him choose what he want...
seriously sangat sedap. To u, yang memang suka chocolate..highly recommended. Price..if tak silap is Rm 2.99. So have fun with ur chocolate. We enjoy eating it...hehehe xoxo

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