July 23, 2010

:: Cut the Cake ::

Bought a small cake for him. He choose himself. No party this year..hehehe Coz we have other plan for him... :-)

Bought the cake on the 18..but the day after baru potong..coz that night Aiden slept early. so cam kesian lak..kalau tak tunggu budak tembam tu. Esok nye...b4 daddy gi work..cepat2 nyanyi..and snap some pic.

tengok lah..dia makan yang white chocolate tu by himself. Aiden nak pun dia tak kasi...
a simple celebration from us....to our son Ashaff. Sekejap je dah turn 5. Dah besar and semakin berat. Sungguh kuat makan ini budak. We called him "chicken boy"...coz he love to eat chicken..n if org mintak..sorry lah ye..skit pun dia tak kasi. hahaha So many words come from him. Really comfort me a lot. Really make me happy every time we spend time together. Miss him ...when his small...but appreciate every moment with him. Teringat time "teran" him last 5 yrs..hehehe. When the first time looked at him. Really change my life. The best moment ever. Now dia dah besar..semakin degil and semakin memahami. I'm really proud to be a MOM. To Ashaff Happy birthday. May GOD bless u. Have a wonderful Life...and hope ur life is like ur painting.. got so many color. xoxo


** gegirl aryssa** said...

to ashaff,
happy 5th birthday. hope u will have a wonderful future ahead. kejapnye masa berlalu ;)
-- aunty weewitt --

love said...

tq...aunty weeeitt. aah sngt sekejap kan masa berlalu..dia dah BESAR..huk..huk

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