June 9, 2010

:: Lunch ::

- Meatball Pasta & Potato salad -
Having this for lunch ....very yummy. hehehe ( puji diri ekk ) this is my 4 time making this meatball. first time buat...keras...hehehe....but when second time cam ok..3rd time ehem....sedap..4th time....eleh...so kacang 1....can buat when eyes close...( sngt tipu...kalau close cam ne nak tgk...) :p
B4 share recipe...ade mood nak ngomel jap :-) every time me buat pasta..akan ade je recipe baru...coz bergantung benda and tekak nak rasa apa. so for this time me buat sos pasta use...tomato soup ...yang ini. hehehe kebetulan..tomato tak de..so cam belek2 ini tin..cam boleh je try. And ternyata..sangat sedap... me cuma tambah basil, salt and paper...siap.
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Tapi if sesiapa yang sangat rajin nak buat from scratch ..boleh je. But i like to use different type of taste in my food. Don't afraid to try something new...even it from a tin. :-)
saje je kan nak ambik pic bnyak2..coz hari tu sangat happy with the result..and nak tayang plate yang baru beli...hehehe... mangkuk ni me beli kat Tesco...enamel plate. nanti me citer next entry ye... meatball ingredient :- mince beef flour egg scallion onion salt & pepper add all the ingredient in to a bowl and mix. Then make small ball and fry. note : i like to put some flavor in my meatball so..its didn't taste flat.
tip : if u want to store the meatball in the fridge. don't put the onion in..its will turn ur ball black.
potato salad basically...semua org pun know how to make potato salad. sangat easy. me selalu tukar2...flavor ....as i always say...tengok brg yang ade..and selera at that time. sometime i use beans or frankfurter. Depends lah how rajin that day. If use frankfurter ...i will cut thinly the meat and fry..pastu mix lah with vege. beans pun sama je...boils with water than mix je. senang kan. but today i use this.... ( coz itu yg ade ...) ingredient : - potato - boil with skin..and a pinch of salt carrot green bean green salad cucumber
the dressing mayo salt pepper nut meg olive oil
put the ingredient in the bowl, kacau2 and taste. Pastu put the vege inside...mix it. And ready to serve. tip : mix the dressing first..than baru masukkan vege. if not nanti tak balance taste nye. ok...itu lah ape yag me nak share today. panjang ekk...hehehe As i always say..and i will say it again. Don't afraid of trying something new. Know what u want to cook. The important is know what u want to taste in your food. Senget2, ke tak cantik ke..its ok. Itu lah home food. if nak cantik.....tu gi beli kat luar. memang cantik coz them sell service sekali. But when masak sendiri...kan best...puas hati with our accomplish. But paham if sometime nak gak rasa masakan kat luar..me pun sama.. :-)
Ini food my hubby nye favorite...so at least 2 weeks once kena cook. Kata sayang...heheheh ok...enjoy cooking....daaaa p/s : me selalu tak tulis how many gram or spoon nak use kan. I don't do that. agak2 lah.... xoxo

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