June 29, 2010

:: Delivery ::

selalu nye...... if malas nak masak...me akan call delivery je...pizza, dominos ke..or Mcd. And bende2 ini sangat memudah kan kerja kami2 kan. And bile sangat rajin..me akan online order je. Tak yah nak menceceh dlm phone..online order memang menjadi pilihan.
But for 1st time me..try nak order Kenny Rogers lak. Ingat nak makan Nandos...but next time lah. Ok..so call lah..the number is 1-300-888-878. As usual, if 1st time..bnyk lah info dia tanye..name..no.tel...and address. Bile bagi tau dia adress....teragak-agak. And last dia kata let me call u..i'm trying to get ur address. Ok lah. Then after 10 to 15 min...i get a call. And i place orders semua..pastu i tanye..
Are u Malaysian? She said no..I'm not...I'm African. I...cam..oh ye ke. Ok lah. so no wonder lah u don't understand me...i talk to myself lah.
after awhile...call from Kenny ..this 1 malay lady...to confirm order and address. So i tanye dia... yg td i call tu....based in Malaysia ke..kat mane? Dia kate based on Malaysia but...outsource worker luar. Oooo Pastu i cakap kat dia. Its take 10 to 15 min...just to figure out where my address is. Tak ke susah. Dah lah...i have to spell...my name and address..yet she get it wrong. Bukan patutnya..this kind f service..buat kan...kite senang ke? Call ..order and deliver. If u nak hire worker from outside...make sure u train them well. Or use system yang good..so when them enter the key word je..dah dapat cari. Ini tak. If yang tahu cakap English..ok..but if yang tak tau..cam ne. Tak yah order lah...cam tu. So pikir2 kan lah. This is my opinion. For me..its suppose to be convenient to us. Ok lah..food dah sampai..nak mamam jap.... p/s : this entry..bukan nak menyinggung sesiapa..but just want to share ..and for some i think didn't know about this. xoxo

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