May 15, 2010

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Just want to share..what i been reading...

1) Facebook: a place for frenemies

In this edition of Facebook Friday…an assortment of cat fights in the making, plucked from the newsfeeds of the innocent Facebookers caught in the crossfire!

exhibit a)


exhibit b)

Wow never thought you could be shit on by the same two people so  many times in a month!! Good Riddance & fuck you!!

exhibit c)

Jordan is beyond pissed at her retarded roommate (but still loves  the other two bundles :) )

The smiley face there is a nice touch, but my favorite this time around has to be this doozy of an about-face (read from the bottom up):

Bryn & Brooke

2 ) Man murdered wife over Facebook posting

A jealous husband who repeatedly stabbed his wife because he felt "humiliated" over a posting she made on the social networking website Facebook was jailed for life today.

Wayne Forrester told police he was "devastated" that wife Emma had changed her online profile to "single" four days after he had moved out.

Forrester, an HGV driver, drove to the marital home in New Addington, near Croydon, south London, armed with a kitchen knife and a meat cleaver in the early hours of February 18.

Fuelled by cocaine and alcohol, he attacked his wife as she lay in bed, beating her, tearing out clumps of her hair, and stabbing her in the head and neck.

Neighbours who heard screaming called police, who found him sitting outside covered in blood, and he confessed he had killed her.

Forrester believed his wife, a payroll administrator, was having an affair and had made threats to kill her, the Old Bailey heard. The couple had been together for 15 years.

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3) 5 worst Facebook status Crimes of 2010
Back in 2008, Shiny ed Susi Weaser wrote the controversial reference work: The ten worst Facebook status crimes. Two years and countless web innovations later we look at the new Facebook status crimes.

We realise there are ups and downs to even the most irritating statuses which is why we're offering (sort of) balanced pro and cons to each status crime.

1. Posting your FB statuses through Twitter Pro: linking your Facebook status to your Twitter stream/Posterous blog often results in you updating your status more often - more links, more stuff. Con: No. These sites are different sites. "OMG no cornflakes!" is bad enough on Twitter, worse on Facebook, which doesn't have the structure to digest a fast flow of banalities or links to blog posts.

2. Giving lots of specifics This really is a perennial. Pro: You don't need to dig to get the juicy gossip here, it's all laid out for your by your oversharing friend. Who was in their bed the next morning, what s/he said, how many drinks they had. Con: Yup, well - the downside is exactly the same. You know what your "friend" was up to in all its gory details and a lot of you really wishes you didn't.

3. Going onto Facebook to say how you hardly ever go on Facebook Pro: If this irritating person really has left Facebook as they claim you should be hearing less from them = good. Con: We know lots of trendy new social networking sites have sprung up. Great -you're on Tumblr, great you're on Twitter, or even better, you've got a great boyfriend/girlfriend/fulfilling social life and you don't want virtual friends anymore. But for god's sake just go hang with you "real" friends in a "real" place then and don't go on Facebook and say how you hardly ever go on Facebook.

4. Announcing serious or tragic news: "My friend just died" Pro: I'd like to think that all human emotions could be shared and expressed on Facebook, and that it could be a way of sharing grief or showing support. Con: has facebook got the emotional range to take serious stuff yet? I don't know. When something awful happens and someone writes about it on Facebook, it can come across as really mawkish, and everyone making sad smileys seems a bit wrong.

5. Boasting about your professional accomplishments Maybe it's a sign of aging that more of my friends are starting to brag about their work on facebook . Well the ones that are employed anyway. Pro: You are kept up to date with alterations in your friends' careers. Con: Do you want to boast about your professional accomplishments? Go to Linked-In. Just hit log-out on the Facebook page and log-in on the Linked-In page. Maybe there's someone in an HR department who cares.

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