May 24, 2010

:: Chocolate Mousse ::

Having this with my Ashaff..... 1 with ice-cream...and 1 with cookies crumble.....

ingredient : - Orange chocolate butter dark chocolate whip cream vanilla extract method :- melt the chocolate. whipped the cream. than mix together and put some vanilla extract. chill in the fridge around 1 2 hours.
p/s me...using orange chocolate...coz ashaff dia rasa satu je pastu dia tak suka. sngat sayang kan...itu yg campur je dlm ini mousse. senang dah ade orange flavor. so when..ade chocolate yg leftover tu..buat lah something. jgn membazir. so i don't have to use sugar chocolate tu dah manis. Use dark chocolate to balance the sweetness. pastu makan je with any thing u like. like using almond flacks, ice-cream and some cookies. layer it and taste the different with each layer. Dah macam makan kat cafe. senang kan.

ni tgh enjoy the mousse. At this time the kenit dia sangat enjoy...without ade org kacau. But b4 tu aiden dah makan satu cup (small )... hihihi They really love it.... Ok...daaaaa XOXO

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