March 20, 2010

27 Dresses

Nak citer about movie yang me suka...even dah tengok banyak kali pun..still boleh gelak...hahahah Salah satu nye this movie. Dah lama dah movie ni. And bnyak kali jugak main kat Astro. But setiap kali tu jugak lah me akan tengok. sampai hubby ckp.."u bukan dah tengok ke citer ni..??" hihihi Its funny and pity her jugak. And Katherine Heigl, tu actually cantik. love her hair. I think she very simple person. The movie opens with a voiceover by Jane (Katherine Heigl) as she explains when she first discovered her "calling" in life. The scene is from her childhood when she, her younger sister Tess and their father attend a realtive's wedding. This is shortly following the death of their mother so Jane must act as a mother figure for her sister. When her father asks Jane to take Tess to the bathroom, she comes across a distraught bride who has torn a seam on her dress leaving a whole at the back of the bodice that shows the upper half of her rear end. Jane has a moment of epiphany and uses her sister's hair ribbon and sews up the back fo the dress in a becoming way. The ecstatic bride then asks Jane to carry her train down the aisle as a reward.\ (click here for more......)

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