February 9, 2010


Hai morning! me.. having coffee n toast. Fell like share my thought n feeling . Yesterday i feel down...i don't know why. But that is feeling...i hate when i feel that way. Its make me useless. Try to avoid that..by thinking my best moment. For me its normal.....having that feeling...happy..sad..crazy..cry.. its just nothing!!. Its will walk away...when u let them!! u have to let it go.!! Let it go..let it go.!! Trust yourself..that the key!!
I feel bless with my life. I'm happy with what i have. I don't have to compare my life with others. I love people around me. I appreciate all the moments we spent together. In live...we meet people who suck! Who make our live miserable.! Who make we hate others! Who make we appreciate our live more.!! That LIVE.....we meet and we meet. People come and go..but true friend stay to hold n be hold!! I only have a few..that i miss to talk ...n i can share my live with. They i can trust...they i can rely on..they be part of me!! That's me. How yours?? (source google image)

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