February 25, 2010

" The Conversation "

How do you explain to your kids..about getting OLD? How to tell them its ok that their parents is getting gray hair? How would u know that they understand? This is what happened when we..me n hubby talk to Ashaff.....our older son. Some of the conversation.
  • Me : "babe...nanti mama tua...u have to take care of us.."
  • Hubby : " ya...can u take care of us...?"
  • Ashaff : " No...i don't want mama and daddy tua..."
Me and hubby laughing.
  • Me : " Why? Daddy tua already! " While my hubby cough...like and old man. (hahaha)
  • Ashaff : " No... I don't want " His face like crying.
  • Me : " Its ok...nanti mama tua...u kena jaga Aiden tau..."
Which i know that he gone a give the same answer..but me keep pushing him...MENYAKAT
  • Hubby : " Nanti i tua ..u send me to OLD FOLKS HOME. Easy..ok "
  • Ashaff : " No.!! I don't want mama and daddy tua. I don't want..I don't want. "
  • Me : " Why you don't want ?"
  • Ashaff : " Because I don't want..." "I hate tua" While hugging my hubby.
And i can see tears is build up in the eyes. Me and hubby laughing. Me...feel like crying pun ade. Fell sad when he said that. May be in his imagination ..we all stay the same forever. I wish too. Want to play with him...everyday..without feeling tired. Want to hear all the story. Want to see, did I thought him well.
May be he don't understand what is OLD about. But when the time is come..i know that he will be ok. He will become a very responsible person like his father. I know.!! :-)

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