December 24, 2009

Baby Foods

Just want to share. Hari tu dok jalan2 kat The Curve. Ada this 1 lady bagi flyer. If ade org bg flyer ...selalu nye kite tak kisah sngt..just baca2 cam gitu je. But this 1 ...i pay attention skit. Coz dia about baby food. Yang the best part it FRESHLY MADE. Kite gi lah kat booth dia. Tanye ini ..itu. Cam ok beli satu je...nak try bg Aiden..tengok dia suka ke tak. Kat tempat ni ada microwave tuk mother reheat food n ade chair tuk baby makan gak. very interesting. So,next time dah tau lah...if nak bg baby food...blh beli n lepak kat situ jap. When balik bg Aiden..dia suka.
Nama product tu is Baby Ambrosia. Kite nak citer banyak pun ..tak tau if anybody nak..can check out at dia nye website. U just click kat title BABY FOODS.

Freshly Made Baby and Toddler Meals


We Are Now At:

The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Enjoy meals or Pick up your orders at your own convenience

Find us also at ...

Fit 4 2 FIT4 2 CAFE, Bangsar Village 2

Stuff your face Stuff Your Face,Bangsar Shopping Center

Marmalade Marmalade, Bangsar Village 2 and Plaza Mont Kiara

IBU House, Damansara Heights

We provide 100% natural, nutritious and delicious baby and toddler meals. Using only the highest quality produce, responsibly sourced, we create exciting culinary experiences for your baby to enjoy.

We know from experience that children are the harshest of food critics! Tantalising those little taste buds and encouraging a ‘have a try’ mentality towards food is a challenging task, but an important one to help lead to healthy lifelong eating habits.

At Baby Ambrosia we say ‘fresh is best and the tastier the better!!!

Not only are our home cooked meals delicious, they are packed full of nutritious ingredients to create truly scrumptious combinations. Yummy!

The perfect combination of Convenience and Nutrition for your little angel.

Give your baby a head start with fresh food today.

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